Bring back basic human decency.

We live in a society where casual cruelty is more common than empathy or com­passion. We torture each other over lattes and disposable dinner plates. We give per­suasive assholes power because they promise us convenient ways to waste our hard earned cash. Convenience isn’t a bad thing. A good latte is amazing and takeout can lead to beautiful memories💕. What is wrong is how we allow mega-corporations to treat us and our neighbors to make these nice things happen.

HyperLocal Cooperative is social technology company dedicated to building a better world🌱 and sharing the fruits of that labor with everyone involved. To start with we want to build some things:

  1. Incorporate a multi-stakeholder cooperative that shares ownership, dividends, and decision making power with paying members and worker-members. we would also like to explore raising ethical investments following a model of capped returns.
  2. Offline-first p2p commerce tools to make ethical goods and services just as accessible as the competition at a very minimal cost. This means giving small businesses and local cooperatives the tools they need to compete with Overvalued Delivery / Robot Car Corporation, Rain Forest Express, and Takeout Apps.
  3. An in-depth auditing program meant to ensure ethical treat­ment of workers and provide context for environmental impact. Not just from our direct supplier, but all of the way down the supply chain.

Of course, an audit and some software isn’t going to fix the problem by itself, that’s where you come in: Sign up to donate as little as $3 USD per month to and help us stand up to Walmart, Amazon, Uber, GrubDash, and every other corporation that thinks its acceptable to hurt people to make a buck.

We can’t make the world a better place without holding ourselves and our neighbors to high standards. It will take some time to build every­thing we need and longer to reach our ethical and ecological goals. Your continued support is how any of this can be possible. Additionally, we challenge you to apply our ethical standards to your every day economic behavior.